Monday, October 15, 2007

Invite Him to be....

a part of your daily small decisions.

I like to listen to a church in Tx sermons, however today I ran across the Women's Magazine they have. It really hit home with me and I would like to share.

We as women are always so busy trying to do it all from taking care of our children, husbands jobs and what ever else comes our way that we do not take the time to ask God for the little things. We think he can only help us with the big things.

In the article it talks about a women who her and her husband had just finished a financial course and had made a commitment to not spending any extra money if possible. Her son reminded her that morning that he had to have a plant for school. Pay day was still a few days away so she was trying to wait as long as she could to purchase the flower.
This day was also an appreciation day for the Volunteers at the school. As she dropped off her son, he said mom do not forget my flower. She told him she would go after her meeting and asked him what color of flower he wanted. He told her red and also asked if she could get him a packet of sunflower seeds as it was his teacher favorite flower.
She went into the cafeteria, where they decorated it nicely for them and the food was wonderfully displayed.
She said she was asking God to help her find a table to sit and she saw a young women who husband was a pastor at a small church and they just moved into a new building. She sat down and tried to talk with her but the lady did not seem to want to talk.

As the meeting was ending they started giving away door prizes and one lady at the table won some bath items and this lady won a T-Shirt that said "Somebody stop me before I volunteer". The lady with the bath items went on and on about not needing these so I asked her if she would like to trade and she did. Other ladies at the table won items too. One of these was a plant and you guessed it, it was a red flower. She went on about how it would be dead in a week, so I asked her to trade and she was more than willing.
As we were leaving they said to please take a packet of seeds in the displays..I am sure you have guessed it was the sunflower seeds. She could not believe what God had done for her that morning.
Remember she asked God to sit her by someone that she might encourage and since the lady did not seem to want to talk she figured she just missed what God meant.
She went home and told her husband about the flower and seeds and after finishing the story she heard God say "You still don't get it". She asked him what he meant and he said.."Remember what you asked me before you sat down? You wanted to know what table to sit at. You choose the right table, but not for the reason you think. I didn't want you to visit with the pastor's wife; I wanted you to sit there so I could bless you!"
We think most of the time that God has time for our BIG issues, however he wants to help us with it all our issues big or small. How many times have I missed the picture because I did not think he would help with the small task I had that day.
Hopefully we can all take something from this story (me included) and invite him to be a part of our daily small decisions.

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Dana said...

thank you for sharing this... very thought provoking.